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McGinty podcast, YES!, LIVE on periscope, periscope numbers, I assume millions of people are watching on twitter, Rex and groper on periscope, Are you trying to fucking troll me?, I'm ready to play, Rex and Groper is not very good at this, He says I love the sound of my own voice, This is my therapy, Nick arrives and I let him know what is going on, What else you got?, Bring it!, Let's fucking do it!, He has to have something better than that, I insult myself to give him some fuel, Rex likes my curtains, That was his attempt at an insult, Talking about the intro bit I did, He asks if it's my mom's place, Clever, Homo or home owner, judgement free zone, He doesn't seem very intelligent, He said he's growing to like me, I TAKE IT ALL BACK THEN!, Trying to give him more insult fuel, Johnny was supposed to be on today, If one watches through twitter it doesn't tell me, RexandGroper trying to guess where I'm from, He guesses east coast, Thinking Rex wants to rape and murder me, I'm not telling him where I'm from, He wants me to guess where he is from, I guess Alabama, Rex is from the southern hemisphere, I decided I don't give a flying fuck where he is from, The Rex and groper show, Do you want to start a war with me?, Do you want comradery?, He wants to make love, He finds me sexy, I still think he's fixin to rape me, I'm not down with that, @mikemcgintyface on twitter, He says he's from Australia, Nick says down under is where his last victim is, I have relatives in Australia, It's heaps good, Heaps and heaps, Trying to get back to the intro, Full shows on, Putting my shoes back on, Has the show been good so far?, Rex and groper says no, Explaining to Rex and Groper, Rex and Groper starts talking about hiding dead bodies, I start to question if he's from Australia, Periscope is a promotional tool as is youtube, intro on youtube, This is good, Rex and Groper tries fucking with Nick, I will referee, He says Nick may be more interesting than me, I'll throw out a topic for them to discuss, Anal sex, Nick tells Rex to leave, I didn't have much to talk about other than the stories, Rocking the purple shirt, Nick says anal accounts for 40% of porn, I don't really care for anal porn, I prefer straight fucking or oral, ATM, Rex says I'm like Jimmy Fallon, discussing anal sex, It's not my go to, I'll go for it if offered, Asking Rex and Groper about anal, He says I have issues, He pluralizes for no reason again, He is not into anal, I ask how he gets off with his victims, He has a moral issue with anal, I ask if he is a religious fuck, Bert Krisher is live on periscope, go check that shit out, Rex doesn't know what an atheist is, Going off on organized religion AGAIN, Rex needs to be quicker, Nick wants me to move on from Rex and Groper, Rex and Groper makes more homosexual assumptions about me, I think it's cute that he's trying to be funny, Rex doesn't think I have a job, He asks if I live in America, Mikel arrives, Rex says Nick has a man crush on me, Mikel attacks me as well, Mikel thinks Rex and Groper is not funny, He also sucks at typing, Rex has big fingers, Mikel asks if he can suck his own cock, Mikel talks about sucking ones own cock, Does he finish in his own mouth and swallow or give himself a self cumshot, Rex and Groper cums on his own face, Facebook " fan " calls Ariana Grande a whore, Ariana has nice eyes, Ariana says she can be proud of her body and show it off, I agree, Rex asks more stupid questions, This isn't a political show, Trump, Black man kills white Texas college student, The media doesn't mention race, Rex and Groper asks more dumb questions, Rex and Groper asking more stupid questions and trying to be funny, Third grade attempts at insults, Thinking Rex may be a child, He says he is, I'm an idiot, Dive coach harassing young men story, Rex and Groper can probably relate to this story, Fire spray challenge, BYE PERISCOPE!, That was fun, I am going back LIVE on periscope, fuck this, Nick is back, Talking to Nick about how I kind of enjoyed that, He was just a dumb guy, It was really tough to not cry when he was hurling insults at me, REX AND GROPER IS BACK!, A series of questions for Rex and Groper, He is hiding behind his phone, Come on Rexy, Asking if I know Rexy, Hiding in the southern hemisphere?, He claims he is a close friend, He says he is Tom, Is he the Myspace Tom?, Trying to figure out a song, Asking Krista what's that song, I sing a little, Picking up shit habit, I'm your boss, He is still trying to be funny, He is not funny, i really hope I don't know Rex, I feel bad for Rex, He is failing so miserably at trying to be funny, Discussing Johnny not being on the show today, Haven't heard from him, He may be dead, Rex is a weird fucking dude, Go to hacky humor, Bring it on, He saying I should go a bit lower with my voice, I pump it up a fucking bit, Rex and Groper is going to be my biggest fan, He guesses that I'm on drugs, LIVE next week hopefully, Bye periscope, Checking out RexandGroper's periscope, Looking him up online, I will just end up blocking him, Rexandgroper is an Australian designer, Blatant lie that I have never done a drug in my life, Spending way too much time on this, Why is this designer wasting time trolling me?, He is in Hydra?, let's see, Still looking up Rex and Groper, Looking through an old show, Bernie Sander's wants to legalize weed, What a redundant piece of shit, I guess I talk about Ariana Grande a lot, RUN!, YES!, WOW I am redundant, Van SSSickle, Playing the creepy college coach Van SSSickle story, Shut the fuck up, I'm back, Rex and Groper blocked, Moving on from Rex and Groper, Different hairstyle and puffy shirt, firespray challenge, more stupid shit, Judge kicks mother out of court for breast feeding, I support women being allowed to breastfeed in public, Until the child is at least 17, I also support female public toplessness, boobs are boobs, men that can't handle sexual urges, Married Lebron James dm's model on Instagram, One has to think Lebron has a woman in each city, Now he has to buy Kobe jewelry, Man masturbating on Subway for three hours, masturbating, Have guys out there masturbated for three hours?, Edging, Keeping an erection for three hours, His defense was that a woman on the bus was enjoying it, Asking again how women feel when creepy guys do creepy fucking shit, @mikemcgintyface on twitter, In what cases would women find a publicly masturbating man funny, If the man has no use of his legs?, Still creepy if not threatening?, Downer of a story, cover your ears Flash, Man rapes and kills service dog, Another dog sex story, I'm going to say fuck a lot, How annoying, Trump is very divisive, I don't like any major party candidates, I'm a Gary Johnson guy, Howard Stern mentioned in debate, Trump advisor into Bondage club scene, Man " tortured" at McDonald's, Laughing crowd clip, Oops, Funny line in the story, WHITE officers killing unarmed black men, Black man kills female college student and race is never mentioned, hold the media accountable, The media perpetuating the racial divide, Singing the Smurfs theme, LA LA LA LA LA LA, Smurfs are in the motherfucking fire alarm, Yes YES, Man in only underpants and socks breaks into high school to get the smurfs out of the fire alarm, Boxers or briefs?, Gargamel, I use to call someone Gargamel, How the fuck would he not know the Smurfs?, I love the fucking Smurfs, Went to see the Smurfs 2 , Maybe the Smurfs were in the fire alarm, Some of the more comical students would likely put pictures of the Smurfs on the fire alarm, The story makes me laugh again, Lalalalalalala, Good song, Talking about the man masturbating on the Subway for three hours, Asking the audience if they have masturbated for three hours, Edging talk, Learning that term from Jim Norton, I have definitely edged, I don't know about for three hours, I think he misinterpreted that the woman was enjoying it, I am going to guess by his name that he's a Muppet, Plenty of alone time now, He was 41, Good for him if he kept that erection for three hours, Short story, They should change there tag line, One could potentially see this man masturbating, maybe even get a little jizz on you, Marshall on the bus to prevent masturbators, judgment free zone, McDonald's story, Richard Roper didn't derail me too much, Fucking Australian cunt, Twitter and Redditt fucks, This is my own personal time doing my own shit, Weird fucking people out there, People hiding behind their phone and fake names, Debating if I should block Rex and Groper or not, sitting native american style, More funny shit to start the story, Ha ha ha, Drive thru weirdness with employee and his wife, They were pushing apple pies because they couldn't do milkshakes, Things I never order at McDonald's, Who the fuck gives a shit what I order at McDonald's, I have soda with me 24/7, Going to rehab for caffeine, I would be laughed out of there, Employee tells man that this is going to be very slow, Employee tells customer that he lost his wife, Offered two apple pies!!, The employee found his wife!, Really pushing those apple pies, When he pulled up the employee and his wife were french kissing, Half hour in the drive through, They gave him a discount on the apple pies that he didn't want!!!, This couple was in their mid-forties, Employee gives Don King like response to man saying it's F.I.N.E., This couple meant at McDonald's, AWWW, They may have been on the drugs, Look at my fucking curtains!, Work on your game and try again, King of comedy, I have never seen that movie, I would like to see it, Grass roots type of fucking show, I have confidence in this show, Another employee tells man that he gets to drive away, McDonald's offers to pick this man up in a limo, This couple is going to fuck live for him, Guessing that this couple is not attractive, Buddha like quote, I can't even say idiot when trying to insult myself, Evil Mickey Mouse and Mikel go back and forth insulting me, Evil Mickey Mouse solicits what ways should Mike McGinty kill himself, Hit him up @MikeMcGintyface on Twitter, Trying to go back live on periscope to end the show, Rex and Groper insulting Nick as well, Periscope is not working, Trying to go back live on periscope to end the show, Rex and Groper insulting Nick as well, Periscope is not working, Big fat fail, Looking for an outro song, Trying periscope again, My phone doesn't have great reception at my house, Still can't log into periscope, Yes YES, Is Rexy a hacker fuck?, I suck so bad sometimes, This idea didn't work out well, I like an Ellie Goulding song and that does not make me a homosexual, Audio slows down, Handsome twitter picture, Die Antword, Looking through youtube history for an outro song, Flash barks, Playing Godsmack, Audio slows down again, Dancing with Flash, Still trying to log in to Periscope 1
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